Back Office

Back-office operations are the core of an enterprise. Yet, how much of your precious time is spent on completing periodical tasks that restrict you from focusing on things that really matter? Appoint your own offshore team with Voigue outsourcing to take care of your back-office functions and save on time, energy, and additional costs.

Outsourcing these services via Voigue enables you to experience higher levels of flexibility, access to state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, lower costs, hassle-free staff acquisitions and retention, and plenty of time to focus on core operations.

Virtual Assistance

Our qualified virtual assistants will action secretarial and administrative tasks such as carrying out market research, managing your schedules, and responding to calls and emails on your behalf.


Our highly skilled agents will carry out non-core duties while you concentrate on what is most important to you and your business, adding value and maximising your revenue potential.

Customer support agents

Team Voigue’s agents are dedicated to assisting your clients by dealing with customer complaints, handling inquiries, providing information, and maintaining a shared sheet that includes details on each interaction, for you and your teams’ reference.

Core Capabilities