About Sri Lanka

For many years, the small island of Sri Lanka, also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, has been a popular tourist destination. The mountain ranges in the north, the oceans in the south, and Sri Lanka's amusing history that lies beneath antiquated places throughout the country have all been breathtaking sights for locals and foreigners around the world

Sri Lankans are without a doubt the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet. The forward-thinking and compassionate attitudes of the local families will warm your heart, and the will of all individuals to succeed in life will inspire you. With this pearl of the Indian Ocean being a crucial holiday spot for many tourists for centuries, the locals and the foreigners learnt to mingle and understand and respect the difference in culture and languages. They have accepted that to move forward and get an exposure is to learn the cultures and languages. While a Sri Lankans mother language is Sinhalese or Tamil, its safe to say that almost all have a fluency in English. As a developing nation, Sri Lankans have excelled themselves in the tech industry, the younger generation is more aware that the future is truly tech. More youngsters enroll themselves in fields such as software engineering and computer sciences to enlighten themselves to be more in align with the future needs These are some of the most popular fields among today’s youth in all parts of Sri Lanka.
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AT Kearney consistently ranks Sri Lanka among the top 50 outsourcing destinations, and Colombo is ranked among the "Top 20 Emerging Cities" by Global Services Magazine.

This industry’s export revenue increased from USD 213 million in 2007 to USD 1089 million in 2019. Some areas of the country that is good in tech are:
The abundance of natural resources in Sri Lanka, our historical position as a global trading center, and the availability of knowledge and technology place Sri Lankan exporters in an enviable and unrivaled position in comparison to the region’s manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters.

Despite the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sri Lanka’s merchandise exports remain at US$ 9.9 billion in 2020, a 104 percent increase over the revised forecast of US$ 9.5 billion. Sri Lanka is a tea-growing island. The country produces tea all year, with a total annual production of about 340 million kilograms. The tea-growing areas of Sri Lanka are primarily concentrated in the island’s central highlands and southern inland areas.

We observe Sri Lanka rising to the level of many worldwide countries, and the country’s and people’s development is immense.

The Sri Lankan culture is constantly evolving, and our people are continuously striving for the betterment of themselves