Voice Services

Voice Services​

As a result of intense industry competition, clients are becoming more demanding than ever and are asking for multiple channels of communication, on par with advancing technology.

As a result of intense industry competition, clients are becoming more demanding than ever and are asking for multiple channels of communication, on par with advancing technology.

Voigue voice services connect your client interactions to carry context seamlessly across their customer journeys. Located strategically both in Australia and Sri Lanka, we offer inbound and outbound services via a plethora of channels as streamlined omnichannel solutions to best fit your clients’ requirements.

Upgrade your operations and drive desired business goals with next level customer service, market research, lead generation, technical support, back office, and sales assistance through native speaking voice agents. Exploit innovative technologies, including cloud automation and Artificial Intelligence, to serve a global client base.

Inbound services

Inbound services

Voigue customer support agents are fluent in native languages, and well experienced in handling your client inquiries efficiently and effectively, offering a tailor made customer experience. Hiring an offshore team of customer care experts enables your onshore staff to focus more on core business activities, scale up your business and lower operational costs while generating lasting relationships and increasing your brand image.

With the assistance of Voigue outsourcing solutions, increase your bottom line and drive your sales goals through an improvement in the quality of service, maximising capital by cutting down operational costs. Grow administrative and owner productivity to close more sales and push your products and services to market in a shorter time frame. Recruit a team of top-grade sales professionals who identify sales opportunities, cross-selling, and up-selling to make the best of your clients and prospects.

At Voigue outsourcing we offer a dedicated team of professionals, specialised in accurate order taking, warehousing, order processing, and shipping at any given time of the day. Our agents will be under your management, adhering to strict data security protocols to ensure the safety of client information. Elevate the quality of your order fulfilment operations with short delivery periods, while avoiding delayed, missing or incorrect shipments. Boost your orders as well as your image via our reputed assistance.

In the hospitality industry, the vitality of a professional and reliable reservation service cannot be underestimated. With Voigue offshore professionals who are adept at handling reservations around the clock, you will be able to focus on other core aspects of your business, channelling financial resources tp more demanding, client-centric operations. We also help to increase your competitive edge and widen your business knowledge. Hire the best talent the industry can offer and grow your business via incremental reservations. 

Outsourcing your payment processing is one of the best strategies you can deploy to improve your business operations swiftly. Enjoy integrated payment processing with the assistance of your Voigue offshore team. Focus on your profit-making operations while we manage the payment channels, with personalised payment solutions using cutting edge technology. Accelerate your cash flows with an increased sense of professionalism and added security, for the control of processes is completely with you.

Every missed client call is a missed business opportunity. Never lose a chance to convert a lead into a sale ever again with Voigue outsourcing solutions. Easily manage high volumes of client inquiries with our competent agents, avoid the hassle of recruitment and training, and expand your reach locally and globally while making a positive impression on your business through professional conduct. We let the data do the talking, with full call reports delivered to you to ensure successful conversion rates. 

Outbound services

Outbound services

There is no such thing as ‘enough leads’. As a business owner, are you doing your best to ensure a continuous inflow of leads? It is crucial to your business when revenue is a main priority. That’s why it is always a wise idea to collaborate with Voigue to build a team of lead gen experts who reach your target market, identify prospects and build extensive databases in order to aid your sales operations.

Retaining a client on a year-on-year basis is a tough job. Thus, a proactive renewal processing team is the key to your business growth as they ensure your clients stay with you. Onshore renewal teams often have to deal with a pile of paperwork and miles of red tape, which could cost business opportunities and loyalty. At Voigue outsourcing we offer to manage your renewal requests and handle the back-end work and enable underwriters access to all information, which in return saves time and keeps your business process streamlined.

We assure you that Voigue offers you qualitative and quantitative data profiles, nano focusing on your target markets at an affordable price. Get the strategic benefit of staying well ahead of competition while making accurate business decisions backed up by real-time data, with the assistance of our marketing expertise.

At Voigue outsourcing solutions, we deploy a soft-selling strategy to enhance your ROI and business bottom line, allowing you to enjoy the price-performance advantage by paying less per lead through direct marketing campaigns. With our effective customer follow-up services, you can modify your product and service portfolio via customer feedback while providing customers with promotions and incentives. Experience higher productivity levels and drive business growth within a short timeline.

Partner with Voigue outsourcing to close more quality deals with the best payment collection, appointment, or service interval reminders. Collaborate with our fast-growing network to make no-shows and delayed payments a thing of  the past for your business. Equipped with state-of-the-art systems, we are specialised in handling your customer service tasks efficiently and effectively. Let your onshore staff handle their main tasks and allow Voigue voice agents to cover your reminders.

In the dynamic business atmosphere, data verification services are becoming an integral outsourcing operation for many enterprises. While hiring a team of professionals is necessary, trusting their word at face value needs to be considered twice. Increase the accountability of your data and collaborate with Voigue outsourcing to keep your database up to date and accurate. Boost your profits, reduce total cost ownership, and enjoy better monitoring and data management with the dedicated and secured workflow of your customised offshore team.

If you lack the related expertise and correct tools, recovering debts can not only be time-consuming, but also expensive and inefficient. Voigue outsourcing offers you the best debt collection solutions while maintaining your client relationships, minimising liabilities and reducing overall costs. Let us assist you in updating client information, increasing the number of received payments, tracking down clients and proposing debt restructuring options to maximise the profit pools in your business.