Social Responsibility

We at Voigue consider all stakeholders when fulfilling expectations, and give back only the best, with a keen focus on sustainable development. Encouraging positive social change through awareness, intention, desire, and action is considered a corporate norm, which always benefits the triple bottom line.


Staff are valued, respected and kept safe at all times, without exception.

We pay our staff a professional level local salary that allows them to support their families and strive for major investment goals.

Falling in line with our core values, we walk the extra mile to ensure that the safety, integrity, and value of our staff is protected at all times, with no partiality. The professional and personal development of each individual is encouraged, and a financial return is offered according to industry standard, performance and skills, while incentives and training are offered in order to enhance expertise levels.


We keep our work place clean and sort out waste in an orderly manner.

We believe that every individual has a part in protecting the environment, and neglecting that singular responsibility would result in an avalanche of consequences in future. That’s why we at Voigue have a number of policies relating to consumables, shared resources, power usage, and recycling. We continuously look for innovative ways of preserving energy and resources, while minimising our carbon footprint as much as possible.


Diversity is always championed at Voigue, especially when working with offshore teams. We firmly believe in equal pay, equal opportunities, and work life balance, and are strictly opposed to discrimination based on gender, age, race, and individual preferences. Every member of the staff is treated at an equal level, and confidentiality in communication is ensured to encourage freedom of speech.

Health and Safety

We believe the well-being of the staff is a strong indicator of the company's well-being, thus employee health and safety is considered to be of paramount importance at Voigue. As we work towards an integrated, on-demand health care system, we ensure the availability of basic first aid should an emergency situation arise.