Pricing Overview

What you see is what you get! Our pricing strategy is 100% transparent: maintaining good relationships with our clientele is our top priority.

Voigue pricing is designed to be completely transparent, with no hidden surprises. Once you get on board, our charges will be shared through a simple, easy to understand monthly invoice.

For more information, connect with one of our specialists or request a free quotation.

Direct employee fees

The qualifications, exposure, and expertise acquired by each employee determines their salary scale, and are decided at the point of hiring.​ Our employees' direct fees are billed with no margin, only at their real cost.

Voigue's fee

The fee charged by Voigue is a set cost that covers all operational activities such as utilities, infrastructure, the consumption of technical resources, and the deployment of human resources. These will be finalised at the initialisation of the business relationship.

No extra charges

We DO NOT charge an extra fee for basic requirements such as telephone lines, internet, or computers, which is one more reason why Voigue should be your go-to outsourcing partner. A reasonable hardware rental fee can be arranged if your business requires special technical infrastructure.

Maximise your ROI

We focus on creating value in businesses, not just by assisting companies through the reduction of overheads, but by the capabilities of our team-oriented culture, our innovation, and our systematic procedures that assist us in increasing operational efficiency and ensuring a larger return on the investment you have made.

General price guide

Individual staff costs may vary according to their professional qualifications and the job role they are assigned. It may also vary according to their working hours; 8-hour shifts against around the clock shifts. A general idea could be drawn from the price list shown below, representing a set of estimated figures for some of our most popular categories.

The pricing displayed is quoted as a monthly cost and is inclusive of all benefits addressed in the information given above.