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Do you want to scale your business without investing much time and money? Then, hire virtual assistant services in Australia. You can outsource time-sensitive tasks to these professionals and maximise your productivity. Some common ones are administrative tasks, sales, and marketing, customer support, payroll management, etc.

Indeed, the benefits of working with a virtual executive assistant in Australia are countless. In short, they can help you boost your enterprise’s overall growth and performance. And you can easily handle an increasing workload without burnout.

But like other industries, the virtual assistant (VA) field evolves constantly. That means it has new updates and trends every year. So, to make the most of your virtual assistant services in Australia, you should stay up-to-date with changes. Our experts have listed virtual assistant trends impacting business decisions in 2023.

4 Virtual assistant trends to rule 2023 and beyond 

The market for virtual assistants is changing at a fast pace. Based on the statistics of the past ten years, the virtual assistant industry has grown drastically. Also, technologies like conversational AI, smart speakers, and voice assistants have become more popular than ever. Consider these trends if you want to invest in virtual assistant services in 2023.

Each year, developing nations like the Asia Pacific and South America and the Asia Pacific report improved internet connectivity. In Asia Pacific, 96% of internet accessibility accounts for mobile broadband networks in 2022.

Social media and the internet are nothing less than a boon for remote areas. After all, they created a number of career opportunities for people. And they can interact and work with global experts using digital platforms.

As per a study conducted by TeleGeography, the market for internet bandwidth has increased by 28% globally. Moreover, implementing wireless networks and high-speed internet offer numerous benefits to the virtual assistant market. It will lead to the growth of the conversational AI and virtual assistants market to USD 62 billion by 2032.

virtual assistants in Australia

As per Crunchbase, nearly 70% of businesses offer the option to work remotely. Plus, most start-ups and small enterprises have started outsourcing their non-core activities to virtual assistants in Australia. What drives this trend?

The reason is small firms are constantly searching for more sophisticated, economical approaches that help them achieve desired results for less money. Since a virtual team does not need a larger office space, they can assist you in making more financial savings. The reduction in operating costs will be around thousands of dollars. In addition, the virtual assistant market is likely to grow by $4 billion globally through 2021-2025. 

If you plan to invest in a remote-friendly business, this growth can benefit you in several ways. To begin with, you can access a reliable VA with ease.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and on-going inflation, countless firms have lost clients and capital. It has encouraged many to take advantage of the outsourcing trend and save money.

For example, accounting and administrative activities are time-consuming. And businesses can free up time and resources by assigning these tasks to third-party agencies. They can use their time to focus on complicated functions.

Thus, the trend of outsourcing virtual assistant services in Australia and other regions will be the highlight of 2023.

virtual assistants in Australia

Another trend we can expect in 2023 is the rise in the use of digital tools. Why not? They are helpful in several ways. For instance, you can eliminate paperwork, boost team communication, manage payrolls, and expand business operations. Plus, you may get customer satisfaction insights, make real-time modifications, and unleash advanced automation features.

If you hire remote workers and virtual assistants in Australia, integrating digital tools will work in your favour. For example, you can handle everything with ease.

In closing 

These trends point out one thing that is the importance of hiring virtual assistants, especially during an economic crisis. You can access the best resources and cutting-edge technologies on a limited budget. As a result, your business will survive in all situations. But it is crucial to work as a virtual assistant executive in Australia who has years of experience and excellent skill sets.