virtual assistant agency in Australia

The debate “virtual assistant vs. employee” is never-ending. There will be one group favouring hiring a virtual assistant agency in Australia. On the other, others will hoot for full-time employees.

If we have to say something, it is an individual choice to hire a virtual assistant or an in-house employee. Factors like budget, goals, and needs come into play in decision-making.

In the workplace, both handle similar tasks and responsibilities. They carry out office management, social media, and administrative tasks. These are non-core and tedious processes that require a lot of time. Are you stuck between hiring a full-time employee or a virtual assistant in Melbourne? If yes, you are at the right website. Here, we will map out the detailed comparison of virtual assistants vs. employees.

A virtual assistant or VA refers to a professional who works from home. We also call them remote workers, offering virtual assistance to run businesses smoothly. They have the necessary documents, software, and hardware tools. You can either contact an independent assistant or virtual assistant agency in Australia. They are responsible for taking care of tasks like:

On the other hand, an employee is a professional working under a contract of employment. You can hire full-time or part-time employees. Since they are a permanent staff member, employees have specific duties and rights within the workplace.

You have a basic understanding of a virtual assistant and an employee. But it is best to choose what benefits your business. Here are the differences that help you pick the better option between full-time employees and virtual assistance services in Australia.

  1. Location 

The primary difference between a virtual assistant and an employee is the working location. The former work outside the office and their location is not important. After all, these individuals work remotely from anywhere. On the contrary, the latter has to be physically present in the office and manage work in person.

  1. Working hours 

Besides the location, the working hours are different for a virtual assistant and an in-house employee. For example, virtual assistants have flexible working hours. They can work during regular business hours, as their project demand. Or they may go for a flexible schedule. But because of this type of working schedule, they may work on holidays or occasional weekends.

As the name suggests, a full-time employee has to work a 9-to-5 routine. However, they may be some exceptions for part-time workers. In some cases, employees need to work more than 8 hours.

  1. Hiring cost

We can also differentiate between a full-time employee and a virtual assistant based on the hiring cost. And it is significantly different in both cases.

When it comes to contracting a virtual assistant in Melbourne, the process is straightforward and easy. You can choose an hourly or monthly rate model depending on your budget. If you have limited funds, it is advisable for hourly-based rates. In this, you will pay a virtual assistant for the hours they worked.

Although it is not necessary, some businesses provide bonuses to virtual assistants. For example, they offer holiday pay, equipment and internet costs, 13th-month pay, sick leave pay, etc.

Contrary to this, hiring an in-house employee costs you more money. You have to pay for their training, which adds to your budget. Since they are salaried employees, you have to cover the following expenses.

Compared to full-time employees, you are almost paying nothing to virtual assistants. If you have a large-scale and well-established enterprise, hire an in-house team of professionals. Otherwise, stick to a virtual assistant agency in Australia.

The crux 

Are you wondering about the best option for you? Both virtual assistants and full-time employees have their pros and cons. It is best to choose the one that matches the specific services you need. Before you decide, take into account factors like your budget, goals, and project requirements.

But if you are looking for a cost-effective, cost-effective, and more productive option, contract a virtual assistant in Melbourne. It saves you from the time and money you invest on managing an in-house team.