Even though we entered the digital era back in 1994 the majority made it a common aspect of life ensuing the sudden changes effected by the pandemic. This is when technology became an integral component of our daily lives. Today, we watch this transition accelerate, and there is no turning back.  

Online marketing is used by organizations to communicate promotional messages to potential and existing customers. Digital marketing, in general, refers to marketing campaigns that take place on your smart phones, tablets, computers, and other devices. Social media postings, paid social media advertisements, videos, display ads, and search engine marketing are just a few of the ways content is developed.  

If you are a millennial or gen Z, you probably already know how engaged your segment is on social media. Instagram is used by 72 percent of teenagers and brands that reach out to customers on Instagram see a 1.73 percent engagement rate per post. This radically shows the level of reach one social media platform can target. Now imagine all combined.   

If you are a part of the older segment, then you may have gone through the challenges of adjusting to Digital Marketing after years of practice in Traditional Marketing. However, since covid-19 took a toll on earth, this generation was forced to adjust and make online marketing a daily practice. 

In order to survive, firms have shifted to a digital model, some reasons for this are;  

Today we see so many seniors key Digital marketing techniques and are beyond satisfied with its exceptional results and we are not surprised.   

Digital marketing comes with additional advantages as it is an ever-growing segment, particularly among the millennials. As a result, digital marketing has the potential to reach a larger audience since social media inspires 37% of consumers to make purchases.  

Some benefits of Digital Marketing are,   

  1. To gain a broad geographic reach: Once content is published online, it is accessible to a large number of people, regardless of their location. This allows you to expand your business’s market reach more quickly.  
  1. Cost effective: Digital marketing not only reaches a large audience, but it is also less expensive, whereas traditional marketing such as newspaper articles, TV, billboards, and radio advertisements are much more expensive and do not give you control over the market reach.  
  1. More connection with customers: You may communicate directly with your audience via digital marketing. It is great when content reaches your target market, but it is much better when the content is shared or liked. As the level of customer engagement rises, your organization’s reach will expand, and a strong sense of brand loyalty will develop. 

In conclusion, digital marketing is an excellent tool for organizations to use in order to achieve their target goals and objectives. Digital marketing has a number of benefits, and if done right, it will ensure that you reach the right audience.