After undertaking several processes and numerous interviews, you have hired a virtual assistant agency in Australia. You seemed to be smitten by their years of experience and a solid portfolio. Also, their well-trained virtual assistants fit your hiring criteria and standards. The best thing is these virtual assistance solutions meet your budget perfectly. 

Hence, you are looking forward to streamlining your processes and smooth business operations. It has been a year, but your virtual assistant in Australia did not give the result they promised. If you ask them about the delays, you do not get clear answers or justification. Of course, they were performing well in the beginning. Now, things seem to be off track. 

If you are pondering what led to their declining performance, you have landed on the right page. In such situations, business owners find themselves stuck between hiring a new virtual assistant and waiting. Do not worry! We have listed the red flags that tell your current virtual assistant agency is doing more harm to your business than good. 

Before diving into these red flags, let us find out the possible reasons that could result in declining performance.

Why do virtual assistants start showing a decline in performance?

One of the primary reasons your virtual assistants fail to meet your needs over time is dealing with multiple jobs. Therefore, it is vital to see that your virtual assistant in Melbourne works for you only. 

Multiple roles translate into more tasks to complete regularly. It leaves professionals overstressed, overworked, and with a lack of time to meet deadlines. So, if your virtual assistant works for more than one company, this is what happens to them.

Signs it is time to switch your virtual assistant agency

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Since virtual assistants get paid hourly, many try to take advantage of their employers by working on multiple projects. Moreover, they are not physically present. But as an employer, it is your responsibility to see if your prospective virtual assistant meets your needs and demands. With these red flags in mind, you can determine whether your virtual assistant is loyal to you or not.