It’s easy to overlook the importance of web development in this era of “drag and drop” website builders. After all, why should you go to all the trouble of hiring a front end development team when you can construct your own website with a few clicks? If you’re simply building a personal website, then yes, this logic is sound. If, on the other hand, you want an awesome website for your business, you’ll need to rethink website builders. Because website builders rely heavily on the use of templates, they severely limit your ability to create a unique, eye-catching website. Without one, you’ll have a hard time establishing your brand image. Before you build your website find out which countries in the world are considered to be the best for Responsive website designing.

So, what’s a small business owner to do? As you’re no doubt aware, most entrepreneurs can’t afford to hire an onshore web development team. They must either fumble through the task of learning coding themselves, or take a gamble with offshore developers. If you decide to opt for the latter, we strongly advise you to read the following guide before hiring:

Step One: Pick The Right Country To Outsource – Responsive website designing 

When it comes to offshoring websites, not all countries are created equally. Some nations, like China, offer a high rate of technological competency, but have overwhelming drawbacks, too. (Data theft, industrial espionage, and language barriers are all a concern when outsourcing to China.) Other nations, such as India, have been handicapped by their own popularity: Rising wages are making offshore development in India difficult to afford. Likewise, the demand for inexpensive tech skills is so high in India that unqualified workers are often hired to fill the gap.

So, where should you go for web development that is both affordable and professional? You have a few options:

Sri Lanka

Despite its small size and relatively low population, Sri Lanka consistently ranks within the world’s top 20 outsourcing destinations. This is due in part to its extremely high literacy rate. According to Wikipedia, “Sri Lanka’s population had an adult literacy rate of 96.3% in 2015, which is above average by world and regional standards.” Other factors which make Sri Lanka appealing as an outsourcing destination include low wages and reliable, well-developed technological infrastructure.

The Philippines

The Philippines don’t measure up to Sri Lanka in terms of overall literacy rate or infrastructure quality. However, this nation does have a few important benefits of its own: First and foremost, it contains a high density of very skilled IT professionals. (They are especially proficient in coding, an essential aptitude for responsive website designing.) Secondly, its culture is known for being quite “Americanized.” As such, American businesses often find that people from the Philippines fit in well with their existing corporate culture.

BulgariaResponsive Website designing

Professionals from Bulgaria will be outside of the budget of the average American or Australian entrepreneur, but they may be affordable if you’re located in Europe. Ranked as the world’s 9th most preferred outsourcing destination, Bulgaria has some important perks for Europeans. It’s similar in terms of culture, time zone, and language proficiencies, while also offering a high level of technological competency.

Step Two: Finding A Web Developer

One of the most intimidating things about hiring offshore, for responsive website designing, is not knowing where, exactly, the reputable professionals are located. You have a couple options in this area, however, both of which are usually fairly reliable: Freelancer websites and offshoring companies (also known as agencies).

Freelancer websites (like Fiverr and Upwork) take some of the guess work out of hiring a freelancer. How? Many of these sites include a “rating and review” system. They can therefore give you a good idea of whether or not a given professional is generally reliable.

Offshoring companies take this quality assurance a step further, however. Like a traditional hiring manager, they carefully vet all of their employees. They make sure they’re trustworthy, experienced, and highly skilled—so that you don’t have to. As such, when you hire from an agency, you know you’ll be getting great service, not just “satisfactory” service.

Ultimately, your budget will determine which of the above options you choose. Freelancer websites offer web development services starting at extremely inexpensive rates. (Just remember that you get what you pay for!) Agency workers, on the hand, cost slightly more… But come with the highest level of peace of mind. If you can fit working with an agency into your budget, you should.