Work smarter not harder!

As the competitiveness of the market increases and the need for efficient business practices rises, connecting to our team at Voigue can reduce the friction between time management and output. Our team of dedicated professionals aims to work smarter, organizing your workflow process so that you can be as productive as possible. We will handle your financial needs and administrative work, buying out more time for you to focus on business and personal commitments.

The team at Voigue will streamline your workload by taking care of the time-consuming tasks of a business, leaving you free of concerns that would otherwise hamper your working style. Necessary but unstimulating tasks, such as paperwork and following up with lenders, can easily be left to us. Our services include making sure that relevant documents are collected, and we will step in to sort out minor issues with clients or banks. In addition, we will chase lenders and keep track of borrowers with our easy-to-use CRM systems. Our team will set up appointments and focus on generating leads on your behalf, working with you to grow your business in a brief time span. With our methodical system that tracks commissions, you will never have to worry about failing to claim a commission by accidentally overlooking it, as our team will keep track of your applications and loan summaries and prepare your commission claims.

Take advantage of our innovative systems and resources to ensure a manageable daily workflow that helps your team work smarter, and not simply harder.

What can we do for you?

Our team will manage your database and preserve committed relationships with customers so that you can maintain a strong rapport with your clients. We will ensure a smooth-running workflow by organising your files, collecting documents, and preparing applications for submission. The team will prepare, check, and submit mortgage applications and the required paperwork to lenders. Once an application has been submitted, we will manage communications with your clients and customers as well as handle loans.

Why do you need us? We are cost-efficient, flexible, reliable, and skilled. Our team is committed to helping you be the best mortgage broker in Australia.

Growing your business

Win new business opportunities with our help. Our team’s carefully prepared property file reports can help you make the best of every opportunity.
In tandem with the team, you can use key performance metrics and indicators to be fully informed and ready to take the best possible business decisions. Some of the KPIs that are useful include looking at the average cycle time: a standard, necessary practice that is a good indicator of efficiency. The average mortgage loan value is also important, as it indicates the profitability of a loan. For deeper insights, the team can help you look at the abandoned loan rate, which gives functional information on why a borrower would abandon their loan. With our expertise, you can generate more profit from your revenue.
When you choose our team, you are investing in a group of enthusiastic, committed professionals as well as your own business. The team at Voigue will help you keep your workflow quick and efficient, giving you a chance to focus on the training and upgrading of your own staff. You can trust that our dynamic candidates will take care of your business for you.

Connect with one of our Outsourcing Specialists. Email us at [email protected] or call us on tel: (+61) 383766901.