Do you think you have been spending a lot more time dealing with the administrative and logistic tasks of your business? As a result, you are not able to focus on the core functionalities. For this reason, your start-up business might not be flourishing the way you had perceived. Do you know only 15% of companies are spending their time working on the right activities? It means you are not struggling alone. There are plenty of others sailing in the same boat.

If it clicked your mind, how did a few businesses managed to focus on the growth of their business, the answer is outsourcing solutions in Melbourne. Today, surviving in this highly competitive business space is not an easy win. And it’s time to give up the mentality of handling everything on your own.

Also, for a start-up or small-scale business, having in-house operations can be a bit costly. Thus, it is best to outsource business process from the third-party. With this, you will save money and utilize your time for managing activities that help in business growth. If you are not sure which services to outsource for your small-scale business, we are here to help you.

IT solutions

business process outsourcing

According to the 2020 global Deloitte survey, nearly 70% of businesses outsource IT functions for cost-cutting. On the other hand, another 40% chose to outsource IT solutions to ensure organizational flexibility to deal with changes that occurred due to pandemic.

We all have suffered from the pandemic, but it is still there. Therefore, more and more businesses are opting to outsource IT or cloud-based solutions. It helps them create more flexibility in their workspace and boost employees’ productivity. Outsource small business IT support in Melbourne to save money and grow your business.


business process outsourcing

If you have been managing payroll and finance on your own, then you would know the pain. It is one of the tedious tasks, which may consume a lot of your time. Also, it is the most commonly outsourced services by small scale companies. But still there are 60% of businesses that manage their accounting on their own.

In addition to time-saving, letting experts handle your payroll can offer added advantages, like increased tax compliance. Thus, you can expect to save 18% as compared to businesses managing their payroll in-house.


Customer support 

business process outsourcing

Usually, smaller organizations do not have enough capital to hire a well-trained and experienced customer support team. So, it means having in-house customer staff isn’t a practical option. In most cases, small scale businesses give customer support duty to other staff, such as salespeople. And end up getting double responsibilities and juggling between maintaining the old customers and attracting new ones. As a result, their productivity decreases because it is not easy to handle two duties efficiently.


The best way to keep your existing and new customers happy and satisfied is by outsourcing customer care support. It will give you extra manpower so that your employees can focus on their associated duties and responsibilities.

Besides this, you can also outsource solutions like logistic operations, marketing and advertising, skilled freelancers and so on.

If you are looking for a reliable company that offers top-notch business process outsourcing Australia, get in touch with Voigue. We house a team of experts who are dedicated to delivering the necessary solutions within your budget.