Like any other process or service, outsourcing also has its advantages and pitfalls. Today, businesses outsource various types of services like customer support, management, sales/marketing, network support, and IT solutions to stay ahead of their competitors. Of course, by outsourcing services, you can save your money and time, which will boost business productivity and result in more profit. But the benefits are not limited to this. There is a lot more.

It’s not just startups or small businesses hiring IT support, but even the leading enterprises are leveraging the benefits of outsourcing services in Australia. Thus, it comes with no surprise that companies like Alibaba, Slack, and WhatsApp have outsourced services in the initial days of their business. After all, outsourcing can potentially improve the growth of your business, along with saving you money and time. However, any wrong decision when choosing the right IT support service provider can have a negative impact as well.

If you’re planning to outsource the right IT consulting company in Melbourne, you need to know how to avoid outsourcing scams. To start with, do your homework right.


potential outsourcing company

You carry out a Google search and look into each aspect of your potential outsourcing company. First of all, check out if they have their website with a complete company profile. The next step is enquiring about the services of processes they outsource and learn about their policies.

Also, make sure you look for words like “fraud” and “scam” when searching for the right IT consulting for your business. Any negative comments or reviews and outsourcing work to third-world countries are the red flags.

prospective outsourcing company

To find out whether the prospective outsourcing company is credible or not, dig into the experience of their executive team. Before you approach them, it is best to have a checklist of questions that you want to ask. If they hesitate to disclose any information about their employees and processes, it is a big no-no.


If your IT support provider refuses to offer any reports, it’s a red alert. By looking at the daily/weekly/monthly reports, you can get an idea about the company’s profile, work ethics, employees’ experience, and more. Thus, never hire a company that doesn’t show you a daily/weekly/monthly reporting.

Lastly, make sure your company includes a way to exit in the contract if you ever want to discontinue outsourcing IT support services in the future.