Education will always and continue to be an important factor to get a good job in a company. It is important to encourage our generations to continue to study no matter how old they get because it is academic qualifications that will help us climb the ladder of success.

However, what we have realized is that professional experience is important as much as academic qualifications. Now, resumes will look good, not only if you have good grades and medals but, also if you have gained knowledge and experience doing extracurricular activities, volunteer work, professional internships, work experience in companies and gained other skills doing various courses during your free time.

Every year, school leavers and young graduates embark their journey in the business world. They gain knowledge through studies, but work experience in companies.

Students, from the time they can legally do a job, starts at least with a part time job internship while continuing their studies, or, they opt for something more creative by starting a small business in what they are usually passionate about.

These young adults are energetic, physically and mentally and have an increased ability to learn new things and adapt to new trends.

The knowledge they gain from their studies helps kick start students to look and apply for jobs that they are interested in. It might be that these jobs anyway require them to have more experience or be more academically qualified, but they tend to apply regardless!

The effort of submitting an application leads to much positive outcome as many growing companies, have now started to give these young applicants an opportunity to prove their characteristics and skills. They believe that a professional internship can give knowledge and exposure to these young employees and it also gives them the chance to see how efficient, motivated and passionate they are, while working.

Companies do this for many reasons. A clear reason would be that younger employees are creative and they have the ability to think outside the box. This happens when they are inexperienced as young adults are likely to think that anything is possible. We can say that they live in a dream world. Thinking less of limitations/restrictions and rules, their ideas become more creative and very outside the box- like!

These such ideas are then shaped or molded to fit to be implemented by the senior employees of a company. As a result, the company output is great product and/or services which is the key to help them grow and expand.

Millennials have grown up around technology, so adapting to new technology, and applying it sets them apart from the other generations. They tend to be more responsive to sudden changes and more likely to be flexible and open minded about new traditions, cultures, rules and approaches. Further a lot of young candidates have the added skill of striving under pressure.

With lesser expenses to bear, it is found that younger employees are more likely to be committed, they have a clear understanding that knowledge is power, and devote their time to learn, than to just earn.

Young candidates who climb the career ladder through professional internships and work experience at a young age can reach their goals in life faster.

Companies are happy to spend on training sessions and workshops to guide employees at work, as they are fully aware of the value added to the company by the younger candidates.

In the end, a company would rather, help individuals learn and shape them to allow them to provide better service.

Note that seniors, or the well experienced employees are nothing less perfect.
They are assets to any company and will continue to be. Without them and their guidance, young employees will find it challenging at times during work when completing tasks. Its just that a growing number of companies hiring young candidates had just become a trend!

A professional internship will give the necessary exposure for freshers. These young candidates can join a company for work experience while studying, which will give them a glimpse of what it is to be in the professional world. They will learn company ethics and understand how a company is managed. If they ever dreamt of being a CEO someday, they will know that they have taken their first steps.