Call Centres VS. Business Process Outsourcing

Often, people use the terms call centres and business process outsourcing interchangeably. But this is not correct, as these are two different processes. Are you looking for outsourcing services in Australia? Then, it is crucial to know about call centres and BPO.

If you have an in-depth understanding of these services, you can determine the best fit for your business. Remember, each service has unique benefits. And based on your goals and needs, you can make your pick. Let us read on to explore the differences and similarities between them.

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A call centre refers to an organisation that handles client phone calls to address their queries. Clients can be existing or prospective. Also, call centre personnel can manage incoming and outgoing calls. Enterprises extending their businesses can set up an in-house team or hire outsourcing solutions in Melbourne.

Usually, call centres offer services like technical support, telemarketing, customer service, debt collection, and billing. If you have the requirement, outsourcing services in Australia is the best decision. It will take off the burden of managing a team and paying them extra wages.

On the other hand, business process outsourcing (BPO) is assigning business activities to a third-party vendor. It means you do not hire an in-house team in this case. Also, you will pay them as per the services. You can further reduce the expenses by choosing an hourly-based model. A business process outsourcing company can provide the following services.

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The call centre is a business process outsourcing company. But, it is not vice-versa, as outsourcing business processes is not a call centre. For example, call centres exclusively deal in front office services. Contrary to this, BPO covers the front-office and back-office functions.

In addition, the functionality that the call centres and BPOs offer is different. Call centres are primarily concerned with taking and placing phone calls. Plus, they address client correspondence. Business process outsourcing solutions in Melbourne considerably cover a broader range of capabilities. Hence, the services are not limited to communication. They offer much more to keep your firm in operation.

Lastly, the personnel working in call centres and business process outsourcing vary immensely. Both services need professionals with linguistic fluency and good computer knowledge. Unlike call centres, BPOs require more specific skills and technical experience.

Despite the differences, these two services share some similarities too. We will discuss them below.

If you talk about call centres and BPOs, they are virtual in nature. It implies that professionals do not have to be physically present in any scenario. They can employ staff from Australia or other regions.

Another similarity is call centres and BPOs are available 24/7. Thus, they can address your customers’ inquiries at any given time.

In closing 

No doubt, call centres and BPOs can offer real advantages to your business. Both services help you save time and resources while boosting your productivity. These professionals can handle your time-sensitive and tedious tasks. Thus, you and your team will spend more time on your business strategy and give your business a competitive advantage. But no matter what services you choose, hire one of the best Australian outsourcing companies.