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Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies with great potential in the future. It has gained momentum for providing actionable insights, cutting operational costs, and enhancing customer experience. Thus, modern businesses readily accept AI for managing several functions like customer service. But as a start-up, installing an Artificial Intelligence setup might be costly.

Thus, relying on call centre outsourcing in Melbourne is the best option. After all, it helps you leverage cutting-edge solutions, including Artificial Intelligence, without exceeding your budget. While the reasons for AI adoption are many, the most common is improved customer experience.

According to this study, nearly 53% of companies implement AI to enhance customer experience. In this post, we will explain the uses of Artificial Intelligence in call centre services in Australia that leads to a better experience for customers. In the end, you will be sure whether to outsource your customer service or not.

How do call centres use Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence precisely matches the needs of call centre agencies. No wonder it has several applications in call centres.

Predictive call routing

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When it comes to predictive call routing, people assume it is the technology to route calls to a particular department. But it involves much more.

For example, Artificial Intelligence assigns call centre customers to the most suitable customer care professionals. They are the ideal to handle their issue. The choice is based on the competence or personality models. This process is predictive call routing. You can provide the right solution to customers by outsourcing solutions in Melbourne. It will enhance their experience.

Interactive voice response

Another widely used application of AI in call centres is Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It includes pre-recorded questions that customers have to answer when they raise a query. These questions are about the name, language they use, account number, etc.

The good thing is that technology has been improving continuously. It allows enterprises to get clear responses from their customers. If you receive plenty of inquiries from your customers, IVR is just for you. It helps you resolve simple issues that do not require a live call with call centre experts.

Emotional Intelligence AI

call centre outsourcing in Australia

Many firms go for call centre outsourcing in Australia because of emotional intelligence AI. It aids them in tracking customer sentiment while on a phone call. As a result, they can understand their consumers better.

But how does it work? Let us say your customer is frustrated. In this case, you will notice a rise in their voice. Plus, they may take a long pause when talking. Since emotional intelligence AI understands multiple cultural contexts and languages, you can use it to address customers in different countries. It can assess language cadence and voice tone to gauge the caller’s mood.

Call analytics 

One of the primary uses of AI in call centres is call analytics. It offers detailed analytics on the first resolution, call times, and other metrics. Also, it helps you identify the latest trends in the market and have access to client information. It will give you a clear picture of whether or not customers have a good experience. If you want to take advantage of this, outsource call centre services in Australia that use technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

In closing 

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence can deliver more comprehensive data than a human customer care manager. All thanks to its ability to detect client mood, tone, and personality. But it does not mean it can completely replace call service agents because they are required to handle sophisticated calls. A combination of AI and professionals can facilitate smooth communication with customers.