Our Facilities

Voigue has high-end workspaces strategically set in both Australia and Sri Lanka.

Our Sri Lankan team operates from one of Colombo’s largest IT hubs, equipped with state-of-the-art features and sophisticated infrastructure. Workspaces are designed for the staff to thrive and for the clients to impress their stakeholders with their sheer splendor.

Both our Sri Lankan and Australian facilities are strategically located close to staff residential areas, public transport portals, eateries, and shopping hubs with convenience in mind, for both our staff and our clients.

Maximum security

Support services at Voigue

24/7 security

Strict individual security measures requiring authorized identification to issue a visitor's pass, allowing only authorized personnel to enter the premises.

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Safe workspace

Workspaces are designed with business continuity and convenience in mind, making them safe to all our stakeholders.

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Healthcare facilities

We adhere to international medical and healthcare standards and are ready to facilitate first aid or basic healthcare procedures round the clock.

Strict physical and data security measures come as standard at all locations to ensure our stakeholders feel secure and have peace of mind.