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Moved to a bigger and better office

This year had been a challenging year for Sri Lanka where our working force is based.
But what we know that we have succeeded by overcoming this tough ride, as we celebrated our growth by moving out to a bigger space to accommodate our growing number of staff.

We are so excited to announce our accomplishment of moving into a bigger premise in Orion City, the most popular business hub in Sri Lanka for many companies to settle in with staff!
This is the best possible way to end a long year where many of us were affected by the financial and economic crisis.

Our management, had worked tirelessly towards this day. Monitoring with precision and collaborating with designers spending much of their attention to detail on renovation and refurbishment for the last couple of months.
On Monday, the 3rd of October 2022 was finally the day selected to move into the new block.

With the utmost respect for our traditional rituals, we commenced the day by boiling milk and lighting the oil lamp for prosperity.
Thereafter, we had breakfast together in unity as a family that would continue to head on challenges and reach successes together.

We are filled with gratitude, as every employee at Voigue had very much contributed their efforts for this day. We are in high spirits as this now permits us to come back to our normal working conditions, to have our own little workspace of our own, and to enjoy work and social life with our fellow employees.








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We will get the best price for your package!

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