It was a spooktacular day at Voigue

The team at Voigue are real Halloween lovers! This year, with many existing Halloween traditions, the management decided to celebrate it with competitions, costumes, and delicious meals.

The staff was divided into 4 teams named; (Skele Fun Freinds, Wicked Awesome Freinds, Too Cute to Spook, Boo-tiful Crew) where each consisted of about 10 mates. The main game of the day was to decorate, the allocated parts of the office with each team having to make use of any tools/materials at their disposal to create a theme related to Halloween. The judging panel chose a winning team with the most creative and unique design!

Every employee arrived at work disguised, to keep up the Halloween spirits high at all times. The awards ceremony was held at the end of the day, and the happy hour began with Halloween-themed cocktails and dinner to feast on throughout the rest of the evening.

All in all Friday, 04 November was a night to remember giving a great opportunity for employees to strengthen their relationships and create connections!

We believe that team events like this are good for the company culture and are a fun way for everyone to motivate and energize while bringing each of them closer together!



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