Live Chat

What good is there in a company website that is always online if no one is there to respond during off hours?

Win over your customers – in peak hours and off-peak hours, and encourage them to develop a conversation which is key for your business strategy by enabling 24/7 live chat with Voigue outsourcing.

We understand the power of customer service and the importance of building a faithful client base who promote the success of your business. That is why it is essential to boost your online presence through seamless communication channels in digital platforms that operate round the clock.

Voigue can provide teams of live chat agents that will help increase your customer satisfaction levels and improve your customer retention. Customers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

Instant, easy and convenient.

Live chat connects a client to an agent within seconds, there are no waiting lines or long email threads with ambiguity. Conversations are clear-cut, transparent and informative, as we employ the best in the trade with ample experience on customer service, specifically trained with industry knowledge at hand.


Due to its reflexive, two-way operations, Live chat results in high productivity and sales. In an era where companies are struggling to stay up with the close competition by cutting down costs, Live chat is an affordable option to consider in comparison with setting up email marketing or cold calls.

A touch of reality

Live chat brings in a human aspect to the table, as we engage your clients not with chat bots, but with real people. This enables our call agent to gauge the client's mood and respond accordingly, converting a lead into a successful sale through emotional appeal.

Round the clock availability

Our agents are on-call whenever your website is up and running. Covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we offer you continuous communication service with your client base while your onshore staff focus on core competencies which drives the bottom line of your business.

High conversion rates

We help to boost your conversion rates by creating engaging conversations with real people, and appealing to their needs and wants through content marketing tactics. Reap the benefits of high conversion rates and ensure your business growth with increased loyalty levels.

Delight your clients

Answer when it matters, where it matters to your clients and build exceptional customer experience that leads to better satisfaction levels, elevation of your company image and expansion of goodwill through word-of-mouth as well as word-of-mouse.