Leadership Team

Thuthi at Voigue

Thuthi Abey

Managing Director

The founder of Voigue. With vast experience in computer and network security spanning over 9 years, Abey is an organised, driven, and determined leader and the reason behind Voigue’s innovation and success.

Hansi at Voigue

Hansani Bandara

Operations Manager

Hansani is a highly efficient and self-driven leader with excellent client coordination and communication skills along with experience in many different industrial fields, including a background in marketing and business development. Hansani ensures that team Voigue has the resources it needs and that all our clientele’s projects are run smoothly, ensuring high quality customer service.

Sachinda at Voigue

Sachinda Leel

Network Engineering Manager

Sachinda is an experienced network engineer of 8 years and is currently in charge of leading Voigue’s team of Network Engineers. He is capable of resolving escalated issues arising from operations and coordinating with other departments in a timely and organised manner.

Voigue Team Member

Pasan Meemaduma

Software Engineering Manager

Pasan’s many years as a Devops Voice Engineer make him the ideal candidate to lead our team of Voice Engineers. He has experience in working with other leading Australian internet service providers which makes him a valuable player in our technical team.

Our leardership team members at Voigue

Mohamed Anshath

Technical Provisioning Manager

Anshath is a senior engineer in our provisioning team with years of experience in his field. He is known for his killer work ethic and is always there to lend a hand to his colleagues. He takes the initiative and speaks up when necessary to provide a unique perspective on things to ensure that the rest of the team is in sync.

Nadia at Voigue

Nadia De Mel

Senior Sales Executive

A driven and motivated individual with experience in sales and digital marketing and extensive knowledge in the field of accounting. Nadia works hard to create sales and marketing strategies and drives our business development executive team towards our organisational goals.

Sachini at Voigue

Sachini Ranasinghe

Lead Business Analyst

Sachini is multi-skilled and multi-talented and adds value to our fashion-related projects. She is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity and has years of experience in IT, sales, and marketing and believes that providing customers with high quality experience is key.

Onali at Voigue

Onali Induwarage

Fashion-related Project Team Lead

Onali’s great sense of fashion makes her the ideal team member to take the reins on our fashion-related projects. She is in charge of implementing marketing plans, carrying out digital marketing, and managing our fashion related projects. She is reliable and easy to work with.