Increase sales, expand your reach, and deliver exceptional customer support.

E-Commerce businesses run 24×7 and staff need to be online continuously in order to handle any inquiries and provide customers with good service, which is why building outsourced teams of e-commerce assistants with Voigue should be your go-to option.

We have found that our e-commerce customers can save up to 80% on similar roles by building e-commerce support teams at Voigue.

With a small team of 3 outsourced e-commerce assistants, you could save approximately AUD $170,000 a year.

This is money that you could be spending on marketing initiatives, new product lines, and investing in your company’s growth.

A few e-commerce roles that are perfect for outsourcing

Customer Support

Voigue will take the best care of your customers by providing high quality customer service via email, phone, and social media.


With the help of our skilled developers, create your own store or website just the way you want it.

Digital Marketing

Let us handle your online profile by publishing creative posts, launching campaigns, and promotions.


We can create and edit beautiful images, infographics and videos on your behalf.


Our team of talented copy writers will help you design and create the content you need for your website, as well as come up with product descriptions for your company.


We can manage keywords, run promotions, and increase your website or products’ visibility.


Manage your corporate accounts and create financial reports for you and your stakeholders’ reference.

Inventory & logistics

Our teams specialise in managing, administrating, and tracking incoming stock and outgoing orders.


Gather details and information on products, other websites, and carry out competitor analysis.

Core platforms