What is the digital era?

The Digital Era is an era in which the economy shifts from an industrial to an information-based economy, with computers and other technological gadgets serving as the means of communication.

Important Things about the Digital Age                     

The most recent economic revolution is the Digital Revolution. The Digital Revolution, like the Industrial Revolution, represents a dramatic transition in our society, ushering in a new age and affecting many parts of our life. The Digital Revolution refers to the transition from analog and mechanical electronics to digital technology, which is a concept that not everyone is acquainted with.

Information can be precisely reproduced and recreated thanks to digital technology. Our civilization is today defined by computers, smartphones, internet access, and mobile phone communication thanks to digital technology. In reality, the Digital Revolution heralds the dawn of a new era: the Information Age.


The benefits of the Digital Revolution are easy to perceive. It is likely that you profit from it on a daily basis. Indeed, if you are reading this article, you are benefiting from one of the Revolution’s benefits: it dramatically expands the amount of knowledge at our fingertips, improving our awareness of the world, and accumulating entire encyclopedias of knowledge in online databases. Consider some of the Revolution’s additional benefits:


While we can all identify and appreciate the enormous benefits that the Digital Revolution provides to our fingertips, the purpose of this post is to make us aware of the drawbacks that come with it. We may be oblivious to the negative consequences of the Digital Revolution because it has grown so pervasive in our lives. My aim is not to focus on the obvious ills like hackers and organized crime; you presumably already know about such issues. Consider how the Digital Revolution might result in such negative consequences on a personal and global level: