Developer on Demand

Great developers are a rare community, and a rarer keep. That’s why Voigue outsourcing strives to find the best match for your project demands.

Set your worries aside, saving time and unnecessary expenses via accessing the best talent in project development through Voigue outsourcing. Our Developer on Demand (DoD) program enables you to find the best talent from a pool of fully fledged, extremely skilled developers who can connect with you to develop the projects to drive your business towards the desired goals. Avoid being a victim of complex invoicing and long-term contracts, hire your developer at a fixed monthly fee with an option to renew terms if needed on a monthly basis.

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Proven track record

Every DoD developer at Voigue goes through a careful screening process comprising skills, work experience and behavior. All of our developers maintain great track records in delivering fast and effective projects resulting in booming sales.

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Immediate start

Majority of our DoD developers are ready to undertake your project immediately. Select your most suitable candidate and go through the initial briefing, and most developers agree to get on board with your team by the following day.

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Guided by a manager

Your hired development help does not come alone. We provide a manager who helps to build a bridge between your demands and his creativity, monitor and manage the quality of work, time and action plans, and helps to streamline operations.

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Try before you buy

We do not require a long-term contract with all the technicalities. Test the suitability of the chosen developer for a brief period before you commit. We provide you with a convenient plan of assigning specific projects on a monthly basis as a trial, which you are able to renew up to an year.

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Hardware and software

Our DoD developers come with the best tools you can ask for. Equipped with latest computers with industry-standard software packages, they are capable of catering to your demands on a whim. Of course you can request for particular hardware and software demanded by specific tasks, we are happy to install them in their PCs.

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Fast track through collaboration

Depending on your requirement, the DoD developers can work independently or collaborate with a team. Working as a team will enhance the knowledge, increase the ability to leverage experience and a variety of skills. taking your development projects to greater heights, faster and more effectively.