COVID-19 Pandemic: 3 Ways Outsourcing Industry Can Deal With This Situation

The COVID-19 outbreak has hugely affected most industries across the globe and has hit the global economy like never before. From the travel industry to other enterprises, both small and large, even luxury product providers, most businesses filed bankruptcy and fired thousands of employees. When it comes to the outsourcing industry, it is no exception. […]

Leadership Team

Thuthi Abey Managing Director The founder of Voigue. With vast experience in computer and network security spanning over 9 years. An organized, driven and determined leader and the reason behind Voigue’s innovation and success over Voigue’s years in operation. Hansani Bandara Operations Manager She is a highly efficient and self-driven leader with excellent client coordination […]


Be a part of Team Voigue Join our team and enjoy the benefits of being around real people, embark on real opportunities, and have real fun. From handling calls, emails, administrative tasks to providing our clients with technical support, find where you belong in our team. Employee engagement We make it a point to keep […]

Social Responsibility

We at Voigue consider all stakeholders when fulfilling expectations, and give back only the best, with a keen focus on sustainable development. Encouraging positive social change through awareness, intention, desire and action is considered a corporate norm, which always benefits the triple bottom line. Staff Staff are valued, respected and kept safe at all times, […]

Company Philosophy

In simple terms, our philosophy is the way we do things around here. Our basic beliefs are molded by the core values close to our hearts, shaped by the passion to introduce new standards in the outsourcing arena. Our Vision Driving enterprises towards success. Our mission Our mission is to become a globally renowned business […]

About Voigue

Voigue is the core at which talent meets innovation, the culture encourages exceptional growth, and enterprises thrive through consistent solutions. At present, the corporate environment has become extremely volatile and the competition in industries is intense like never before. As enterprises grow, the need to micro-manage specific operations has increased in its importance, and outsourcing […]