Virtual Assistant Vs. Employee: Choosing the Right Option

virtual assistant agency in Australia

The debate “virtual assistant vs. employee” is never-ending. There will be one group favouring hiring a virtual assistant agency in Australia. On the other, others will hoot for full-time employees. If we have to say something, it is an individual choice to hire a virtual assistant or an in-house employee. Factors like budget, goals, and

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Outsourcing IT Support Services: Essential Factors to Consider

Outsourcing in Australia

You might be an excellent entrepreneur with the necessary skills, talent, and zeal. But running a business requires heart and soul. It has countless things to deal with, and it is not easy to handle everything on your own, even if you are multitalented. Do you know tech issues can potentially jeopardise your workflow and

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CSR- Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Colombo

Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children - 2022

At Voigue, we believe in helping the community where we work and live. The first step we have implemented to practice what we preach is helping our future generation of the country. Analyzing the current medical situation the nation is facing for the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, we decided to donate surgical items

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Mobile Application Developer-Flutter

Job description We are looking for an ideal mobile application developer to join our team! Responsibilities developing applications from scratch are ideal using git and git workflows in a team environment iOS and /or Android development developing mobile applications with Flutter Qualifications Experience in developing mobile applications with Flutter 4+ years of commercial experience in

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Senior Network Engineer

Job description Position Purpose The Senior Network Engineer will be responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring, and supporting the network connectivity and security required for the company. Performing network maintenance and system upgrades including service packs, patches, hotfixes and security configurations. This position will require making contributions to IT and Business Unit projects as well as

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Business Development Executive (Part-time)

Job description An exciting opportunity awaits for an experienced senior business development executive to work with a multinational company.  Voigue is an established organization that handles various operations of leading businesses in Australia. What we are looking for: Fluency in English Excellent communicational skills Enthusiasm to learn and adapt to new technologies Strong IT skills

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Software Development Manager

Job description Key Position Purpose The Software Development Manager works within the Technical Support team and guides team development efforts towards successful project delivery. Provide technical leadership to teammates through coaching and mentorship. Maintain high standards of software quality within the team by establishing good practices and habits. Identify and encourage areas for growth and improvement

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Job description Key Responsibilities Provisioning Products and Services Submission of telecommunication product orders to upstream carriers Liaise with internal staff and external partners as appropriate; to ensure successful and on-time delivery of project outcomes, and achieve excellence in overall customer experience Provide timely updates to customers Provide timely updates to upstream carriers Manage end-to-end delivery

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Project Supervisor

Job description This role requires hands-on experience on projects that are conducted by Voigue. The ideal candidate should log in to all the platforms that are being used for the projects and ensure that the work is being conducted in an optimal manner.   Monitor the workload  Assure the quality of work   Conducting test calls and chats to the team members on a regular basis to make

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